Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taco Bell "meat", Food Inc., and Ammonia...hooray!

In lieu of the current lawsuit against Taco Bell, for their “meat” only being 35% actual meat, I figured a post about other frankenfoods is in order…

First off, if you have not seen the documentary Food Inc., you need to.  Period.  It will open your eyes to what you have been feeding your face, and the faces of friends and family, for years.  Without the video being horrifyingly graphic, it does enough to strongly send the message home, and the message being STOP EATING CRAP!  And by crap, I mean fast food “fake” products, like burger “theres more non-food filler than meat” patties, and chicken “random pieces of chicken parts mixed with fillers you can’t pronounce” nuggets.  You can watch a conveyor belt tote a box full of random pieces of animal parts that are ground up into a sludge that is used to make all those products for the top selling fast food joints.  Gross doesn’t even describe it!  They also use ammonia to process and “clean” the meat…AMMONIA!  Read the link below…

From http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2010/01/yuck-factor-ammonia-in-your-beef/ 

In regards to Tyson products, I will never eat chicken that I know is raised in the conditions they deem acceptable. All I will add is to just watch the video, it shows all you need to see.

I’ve made a choice for my household that we will eat better, even if that means splurging a little more in the money department.  I buy local whenever I can, milk for my daughter from the local dairy, and all my meats from a small corner store by my house that slaughters locally.  During the spring and summer I LOVE to head down the farmers markets on the weekends to pick up the goods for the week.  Easy, simple, and homegrown!

So ditch the preservatives, food colorings, bleached enriched flours, high fructose corn syrup, random animal parts, ingredients you can't pronounce...in other words, STOP EATING EL CRAPOLA! :)
"Beef Products, Inc., or BPI, has created a process of using ammonia to treat fatty slaughterhouse trimmings that previously could be used only for pet food or for making cooking oil so the trimmings can be sold as ground beef.

Through the BPI system of producing ground beef, bacteria-killing ammonia is used as a "processing agent" to make a mash that is allowed to be used in hamburger without public warnings.  Ammonia is rationed as part of beef processing and therefore doesn't have to be listed as an ingredient on labeling.  But the amount of ammonia it takes to kill E. coli reportedly makes the beef taste and smell dreadful.
Ground beef provided through the National School Lunch Program is currently made up of ten to 15 percent ammonia-treated beef from BPI.  While BPI lowered the amount of ammonia used in processing, there is a disconnect between regulatory agency recommendations regarding the safety of consuming the ammonia-treated beef."

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