Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 months Amino Acid Supplements update!

Okay, update on the supps after 2 months of use...

I am currently taking the following per day:
L-Tyrosine 1000mg when I wake up
L-Glutamine 1000mg after breakfast and mid afternoon
Coconut Oil Caps 1000mg after breakfast and mid afternoon
L-Tryptophan 500mg before bed

The L-Tyrosine give me a boost throughout the day. I can definately feel when it kicks in, and keeps me going throughout the morning. It must be taken 30 minutes before food enters the body, so that it can be absorbed into the system alone to get the best results. The first few days I had a headache while taking this. I know, because I cut out the Tyrosine for a few days and my headache disappeared. I was determined to take the Tyrosine though because of the awesome benefits I kept reading about(search it in WebMD's site!), so I upped my water intake(which I needed to anyway), and headaches were gone.

The L-Glutamine ROCKS!! I have completely KICKED MY SODA HABIT!!! I have been a Diet Mt Dew drinker for years, and have been heard saying that you will have to pry a Diet Mt Dew out of my cold dead hands to get me to stop drinking it! I'm talking having one every morning for breakfast for sure, and then maybe 1 or 2 more throughout the day, then maybe some Diet Sunkist before bed. I started taking the supps, and about day 4 I realized I hadn't drank, wanted, or craved a soda. I threw out/gave away my soda stash in the work fridge. Aspartame is a terribly addictive substance, and for Glutamine helping to kick my addiction, I will tout it's awesomeness forever!! It has also cut down on cravings and snacking in between meals. I mean, I'm okay with a handful of almonds or such, but the want for desserts or chips are null, and we have a ton of that at work everyday. YAY!! I even converted 3 people at work to try it out too! It does wonders to rebuild cell breakdown, especially for those who work out hard and train for marathons.

The Coconut Oil caps are purely an extra dose of fat to keep me satiated in between meals and to up my healthy fat intake. It is also suggested that CO helps fight off illnesses and protects the liver. Sounds good to me! I can really see it's effects along with the glutamine. In between meal snacking is uninteresting!

The Tryptophan has also done wonders for my sleep. I take it around 9:30, no later than 10:30, and it provides restful sleep...not like Ambien/unconsious sleep. If I wake up to use the bathroom or check on the kiddo, I can fall right back asleep, but not be in "another world". I wake up at 6:15, and sometimes feel a little groggy, but as soon as I'm up and going (before the Tryrosine dose even), I feel ready to go. Tryptophan is good for restful sleep AND promotes Serotonin...I've even been told I'm not a crabby morning person anymore!

All in all, I love them. I love Julia Ross and her book that inspired me to try out the amino acids supps, and to inspire others to also read it and try them out!

The book recommends doing the supps for a few months, then going off to see if you body has stored up enough to produce the correct levels on it's own. Once I'm out of the supps I have, I will see if I'm good to go or need a lil more time on them.

As far as dropping weight...I haven't weighed in quite awhile. I'm not a huge fan of the scale because I tend to get scale obsessed and that's not good. I can tell you this much though, I feel A LOT better, so even if the scale doesn't show me results, I can feel them. I guess we'll see when I decide to weigh one of these days.

Here are links to the goods if you want to check theme out for yourself :)




Coconut Oil:

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