Saturday, February 12, 2011

Amino Acids update...

I had no expectations really when I started this "trial", but after 3 days, I've come to a few conclusions.

First off, they work. Yay!

In what ways? Well, the L-Glutamine is the shining star as far as I can tell. I took the L-Tyrosine and the L-Glutamine together on Thursday. Felt great, diminished cravings, felt a "shift" in energy when they hit the system. On Friday I took just the L-Glutamine, and had the same results. I'm not saying the L-Tyrosine doesn't deserve props on it's own, I'm just interested in seeing and feeling each amino for what it's worth. I'm considering upping the L-Tyrosine dose in order to see if it will make more of a difference mood wise. The L-Tryptophan is AWESOME! After abouit 20 minute after ingesting, I was super sleepy and ready for bed. I slept solid all night, but not drugged up and unable to wake when my 4 year old was up coughing. It has much improved my quality of sleep, and I am thankful The Diet Cure has led me to it.

I'm really looking forward to seeing more results from the L-Glutamine. I have read many articles touting it's awesomeness. For me, it really seems to control cravings in between meals, especially for sweets. Proof positive, I just realized tonight that in the last 3 days I have only drank 1 diet soda. I'm generally a 1-2 a day kinda gal(bad, I know, it's a vice to work on).

My doses as of today: L-Glutamine 500mg, twice a day, between meals. L-Tyrosine 500mg twice a day, 30 minutes before meals. L-Tryptophan 500mg before bedtime.

Here's what I take:


  1. Thanks for sharing. Isn't Tryptophan found in turkey meat, making us all sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner :0) Valerian Root is also a good sleep enhancer without the grogginess in the morning

  2. It is! Trypto is actually also in chocolate, oats, milk, and eggs too.

    Tryptophan rocks as a sleep aid. Doesn't knock you out like an Ambien sleep, but does just enough to keep you comfy and settled for 8 hours. I'll have to check out Valerian Root!

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