Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday January 16, 2011

First official daily Stats!

Going to try and post daily in the same fashion so I can track changes better...any goings on to note, menu for the day, struggles, successes, photos, exercise for the day...will do weigh in's once a week on Fridays. Don't like to weigh in too often, or I get discouraged, and that's not good!

I don't generally count up carbs.  After doing this awhile, I just kinda know what I can and cannot eat.  For the newbies to low carb, it's a good idea to count.  You'll be amazed at how much carbs can add up! 

Starting weight: (I actually went back to strict LC starting on Friday, so will use Friday's weight) 178.4 lbs.

Menu for today...
B: 2 egg omelette w/ sausage, mushrooms, spinach, and cheese.
L: Small mixed greens salad, ranch dressing, 2 slices of colby jack cheese, half a left over hamburger.
S: 2 tsp almond butter on celery.
D: "Spaghetti toppings"...which consists of hamburger, sugar free pasta sauce, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and green beans.
Liquids...will try to do menus more so at night so that they will be more accurate, but am hoping for 2 mugs of green tea, 2X's 36 oz of water w/ lemon, and 1 can of diet mt dew. 

For exercise, going to try out to of my Tai Chi videos I got from the library!

For those who like to see more concrete evidence of the inside workings(because I know there are an abundance of LC naysayers out there), it's time for me to have a lipid panel done again, so will post those results to compare. 

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